The Rise of Ayudhya: A History of Siam in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

Charnvit Kasetsiri

This book relates two traditions in Ayudhya kingdom historical writing. Myth (Tamnan) is essentially Buddhist history with an emphasis on the history of Ayudhya as a Buddhist community led by religious figures, and Chronicle (Pongsawadan) is secular dynastic history with the rise and fall of monarchs.

Pen and Sail: Literature and History in Early Bangkok

Nidhi Eoseewong

The emergence of a market economy in the early Bangkok era (1782–1855) was the driving force behind a major change in mentality and worldview seen in poetry, early prose works, biographies of the Buddha, scripts for chanting the Jataka tales, language primers, manuals of behavior, and revisions of the royal chronicles.

A History of Thailand

Pasuk Phongpaichit & Chris Baker


This book explores how a world of mandarin nobles and unfree peasants was transformed and examines how the monarchy managed the foundation of a new nation-state at the turn of the 20th century.

Tearing Apart the Land: Islam and Legitimacy in Southern Thailand

Duncan McCargo

A violent separatist insurgency has raged in southern Thailand. The rebellion in Pattani and neighboring provinces and the Thai government's harsh crackdown have resulted in a full-scale crisis.

We Love Mr King: Malay Muslims of Southern Thailand in the Wake of the Unrest

Anusorn Unno

This book is an ethnography of the Malay Muslims of Guba, a pseudonymous village in Thailand's Deep South, in the wake of the unrest that was primarily reinvigorated in 2004.

The Rise of the Octoberists in Contemporary Thailand

Kanokrat Lertchoosakul

This book chronicles the history of the Octoberist students in Thai politics from the 1970s to the present.

Thailand: Economy and Politics

Pasuk Phongpaichit & Chris Baker

The full-length of Thailand's modern economy and politics, set in a deeper historical context of Siam in the Bangkok era

Democracy and National Identity in Thailand

Michael Kelly Connors

A fascinating discussion of how debates about democracy and national identity in Thailand have evolved from the period of counter-insurgency in the 1960s to the current period.

Thailand: The Politics of Despotic Paternalism

Thak Chaloemtiarana

This book offers a comprehensive study of Sarit's paternalistic, militaristic regime, which laid the foundations for Thailand's support of the US military campaign in Southeast Asia.

Civil Society and Democratization: Social Movements in Northeast Thailand

Somchai Phatharathananunth

This book investigates the struggle of an important social movement in Thailand, the Small Scale Farmers’ Assembly of Isan (SSFAI), and examines the role of civil society in the process of democratization.

State and Uncivil Society in Thailand at the Temple of Preah Vihear

Puangthong Pawakapan

The dispute over the temple of Preah Vihear and its adjacent area has envenomed Thai-Cambodian relations. Those two formerly antagonistic states were employing cultural methods to settle a territorial dispute. But the ultra-nationalist movement derailed this essay in cooperation.

A Regional Economic History of Thailand

Porphant Ouyyanont

This book presents an economic history of Bangkok, the Central Region, the North, the South, and Northeastern Regions from the signing of the Bowring Treaty in 1855 to the present.

Thailand: Economy and Politics

Pasuk Phongpaichit & Chris Baker

The full-length of Thailand's modern economy and politics, set in a deeper historical context of Siam in the Bangkok era.

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